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the NURSERY: a walk on the wild side

Updated: May 4, 2023

Talk about a personal project. Do you know how hard it is to decorate a room for someone you've never met before and it's your most important client EVER? You can't ask them any questions and they also don't pay the bill- ha! I tried to anticipate what my son's personality would be like before he was born to design his room and it was tricky!

We knew we were having a baby boy early in the pregnancy so I had some direction. I wanted something soothing, but with a little spunk (my child WILL be spunky), I wanted the room to be light and airy, but still manly, and I wanted the room to grow with my son- at least for a couple of years. I also wanted some pops of color and contrast, rather than just neutral because they're good for the baby's development.

I found BMs Ballet White while scrolling through Pinterest one day and for whatever reason, it jumped out to me as the perfect nursery color. This was pre-pregnancy and maybe even pre-marriage. I just knew this was THE color. This room faced east and had beautiful morning light. BMs Ballet White was GORGEOUS in this room. If you want a soothing neutral that doesn't fall too brown or too gray and contrasts nicely with a white trim- this is your color! (NOTE: we eventually moved my son across the hall and painted his new northwest facing room the same color. While it looked good, it didn't look as good as it did in the east facing room. Regardless, BM Ballet White IS my favorite go-to neutral paint color.

A wild and wonderful nursery design
A Wild and Wonderful Nursery


I fell in love with the wainscoting in this room and lucky for me, it was already in place and it was REAL wood. Total pain in the booty to paint, BUT it sure was pretty!


I wanted an animal theme but I wanted the room to be a little more playful and "babyish" than this design.



WALL DECOR Mud Pie Elephant Wall Mount WALL DECOR Scrabble Letters Wall Art- Etsy SweetJeanShop WALL DECOR Mud Pie Zebra Wall Mount PLANT Fern Threshold WALL DECOR Twinkle Twinkle Little One Giraffe Wall Mounted Felt Head WALL DECOR Small Wood Chevron Letters- Etsy via CypressandWhim


I loved how this room turned out! It was probably one of my favorite rooms to just sit in and enjoy. It was soothing, relaxing, and designed for a baby. This design transitioned well into Beau's "big boy" room when we moved him across the hall, and again when we moved to Ohio (I'll share photos of the transitions in another post shortly).


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